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City Rentals Rents Equipment and Tools in Ontario California
City Rentals tool and equipment rental in Ontario, California

Introducing the "Bullet Mole" Pipe Installation Tool

     Do you need to install a sprinkler or electrical line under a sidewalk or driveway without cutting your concrete ?  City Rentals has the tool for you !

     The Bullet Mole is an effective and easy to use tool that eliminates the need for other, more complicated boring tools.  Just a shovel and sledge hammer are all you need.  Easily assembled and disassembled by hand, the Bullet Mole is engineered and designed to penetrate obstacles such as rocks, roots, wood, concrete and other common debris that may be hiding beneath your sidewalk, driveway, patio, or other paved area. 

     Using only a shovel and a sledge hammer, you will make the installation in 3 easy steps:

1) Prepare entrance and exit trenches.

2) Assemble the tool and drive it through the ground.

3) Install the pipe.

     The Bullet Mole does not require water, and does not erode the soil.  It only compresses the soil as it is driven through the ground.  No external power source is required, so the need for cords and hoses is eliminated.

     City Rentals has 26' of this unique and inventive tool available for rental.  Call for current prices and availability.  Visit for an amazing demonstration video.


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The "Then" to the "Now"

In 1968 when Dale and Richard Briggs started City Rentals, the focus was mainly the four "T" items: tillers, tractors, trailers and trenchers.  But there was one other thing that can't be rented or sold, Toil.

City Rentals is proud to announce Tony Ortiz as its Employee of the Quarter.

If you told Tony to drive to New York City, pick up the Statue of Liberty and bring it back to City Rentals because Canada wants to rent it, not only would he get the job done with a perfect 4-point tie down, he would also be back by 5:00.

City Rentals is proud to announce Tyler Costa as its Employee of the Quarter.

Call him Two-Stroke, Titus, Tyrone or a dozen other names not suitable for print and he'll answer to them all.

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